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This is a mini-comic like thing that I post every month. It is called 'The Paintbrush Show.' I use a bad picture making program so it fit its title.  From Ep. 7 and on, it won't have a Ep. 7 or the episode next to it, 


The Painbrush Show Ep.1

Ep.1 - A Bright Beginning(Released on 19th Jun. 2012)


The Paintbrush Show - Ep. 2

Ep. 2 - Plastic Surgey and the Falling Object (16th of July, 2012)

Ep. 3

The Paintbrush Show Ep. 3 - Starfall

Episode 3 - Starfall (12(Month)/11/2012 (It was late by 4 months... Sorry)

Ep. 4

The Paintbrush Show Ep. 4 - Micro Fallstar

Ep. 4 - Micro Fallstar Uploaded on Dec, 11 2012 (Again, it was late by 3 months)

Ep. 5

The Paintbrush Show Ep. 5 - M TEST 6400 on the Move

Ep. 5 - M TEST 6400 on the Move (11, Dec, 2012, Late by 2 months, Sorry

Ep. 6

The Paintbrush Show Ep. 6 - The Siteri Satra Chart

Ep. 6 - The Siteri Satra Chart (11, Dec, 2012, Late by 1 month, sorry!)

The Paintbrush Show Ep. 7 - HOME!

Ep. 7 - HOME! Released 14, Dec 2012

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