In MyCool64 Testing Wiki, we have different teams mostly doing their respective things. Anyone can do this, you need to send a request, then our teams will do it for you. There might be a person with stars next to their names are the best at doing that job. (There might not be) You can request at this page. If you want to be in this team, please request here. Make sure you read the instructions at the top to ensure that you didn't request something incorrect.

This team is a team who checks for vandalism across this wiki and give them warnings or block them. Below are the details.

First Warning - Blocked for 1 day

Second Warning - Blocked for 7 days and banned for 7 days

Third Warning - Blocked and Banned for 90 days, if it is the same problem as the last two, Blocked and Banned indefinitely

All Official Administrators of this wiki that has NEVER been banned will be in this group if they want to. You cannot choose to be in this group, though you can choose when you have Administrator rights (including Bureaucrats)

That means that the people below are part of this group

FilterModerator-MyCool64Testing 48px-Star.svg 48px-Star.svg 48px-Star.svg 48px-Star.svg 48px-Star.svg

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