This page will tell you how to be a/an:

  • Rollback
  • Chat Moderator
  • Administrator
  • Bureaucrat

This usually will be the order of difficulty


  1. To be a rollback, you need to make 250 edits
  2. A founder

Chat Moderator-

  1. Go to visit chat while helping others in chat, soon we will know how polite you are, as we will give you Chat Moderator
  2. A/an admin or another chat modeator gives you permission in chat
  3. A founder


Administrators can do a lot of things.

  1. A way you can get it by getting the 'Getting it Right for a Month' badge, and helping out our community. You need to be a Chat Moderator to do this.
  2. Another way is by getting 'Getting it Right for a Month' badge, get no more than 1 warning, You need to be able to know how Slideshows, Sliders and Templates and how to create them.
  3. A Founder


Bureaucrat is the final one and is obtained when you reach high level of administrator knowledge.

  1. Be an admin, and have knowledge of how other people's behaviour. This way, people do not makes others into something else because they might be rude or something like that.
  2. A Founder

NOTE - Please note that once you are a bureaucrat, you can change only once. So if you are a bureaucrat, you are a bureaucrat forever until you for some reason quit.. Only Founders (on this wiki it is MyCool64) on this wiki start off with bureaucrat and administrator and MyCool64 can choose whether if it doesn't wants to be bureaucrat forever because it can be only changed once.


Founder is the owner of the wiki and starts the wiki into a successful one. It then makes votes on who should be Chat Moderator, Admin, or Bureaucrat and the wiki develops. Usually Founders takes break very often because you never know how hard they worked at the beginning! Also, Founders start off with Administrator and Bureaucrat. It also gets the Achievement called 'The Master' (for normal wikis it is The Creator)

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