Dear diary, I'm so lonely...

This is kinda like a semi diary but this is like a checklist/Upcoming Stuff.


  • Past Midnight - 12am - 6am
  • Morning - 6am - 10 am
  • Midday - 10am - 2pm
  • Afternoon - 2pm - 6pm
  • Night - 6pm - 12am

The MyCool64 Diary(UTC +10)~

  • Night - 20 Dec 2012 - Long time no post, we changed our background during event, including Halloween and Christmas and later the New Year's. Our wiki took a whole new leap since my last post! Here are some examples -
  1. Mainpage changed dramatically
  2. New Emotes
  3. MyCool64's user pages now have interactive games using pictures and some others.
  4. Forums change
  5. All the new pictures, it has gone up by probably 200 pictures since my last post, that is huge! In 3 months, photos gone up by 180 or something! Phew!
  6. As said before, there are now makeovers.
  7. Featured Articles now rotate their articles

Any many many more!

  • Night 23/9/2012 & 24/9/12 ~ Got more emoticons in chat, same as community central (23/9/12)
  • Now even more than Community Central's amount, we also added Names or users' avatar. Currently there is MyCool64 and Tiff or Nick. Lolcool is sending it here later today. (24/9/12)

  • Night 15/09/2012 Got the {{Talkback}} Template to work! Changed a lot of the wiki's page names and edited a lot of Template pages, which doesn't show up that you edited it in the Recent Activity.

  • Night 31st August 2012 - Changed the homepage by actually a lot. The left coloumns are WSection and the right columns are MainpageBanner. Continued from that, MyCool64 added News and Recent blog posts and stuff so people can have a look. As always, there is a WSection as the 'Wiki Greeting' and Cellpadding at the bottom

  • A homepage modification was done by Tiff or Nick that changed the cellpaddings into WSections (Which he copied the source from a Template from Club Penguin Wiki, WSection) This modification was a slight plagiarism

  • Morning 2nd Aug. 2012 - Added even more emoticons in chat!

  • Night 28th Jul. 2012 - ==BIG UPDATE==
  1. Changed a lot of the chat enter/leaving/kicked/ban messages.
  2. Made the wiki smoother.
  3. Made a featured article template too!
  4. Customized the 'Welcome tool' and 'Anon Welcome Tool' on Message Walls (But it is not working :( *sniff*)
  5. Updated 32 photos here. 1 of many of them was the Graphic Mark. That is where you can click to go to the homepage.
  6. Made the wiki sucessful by adding more templates and magic words :). Addded more links and made articles a lot easier to access.
  7. Changed names like 'User Rights Achievements' into 'MyCool64 Testing Wiki:User Rights Achievements'
  8. Added more stats on Statisics.
  9. Made background into a moving one (with things popping out at the bottom) but will not be released until much later. For now, I made it into my 2013 Logo and added a lot of transparency into the text background.
  10. MiniHelp:Editing has been smoothened by adding more pictures and utilising more spaces to make Level 2 Headings its own line.
  11. Changed the buttons and link color slightly. When you scroll over 'Chat,' and hover someone's name, it seems like there is a glow.
  12. Added a video to help chatting lols and stuff, NOT! But there are a lot more sliders and slideshos than just in MiniHelp:Editing.

  • Discovered templates really well which is made by Tiff or Nick! There will be featured articles on 28th Jul. as said in Upcoming Stuff

  • Midday 9th Jul. 2012 - Added 'Featured Article' to the homepage and edited it. This is the last 2012 big home page update (Home Page Makeover)

  • Night 8th Jul. 2012 - Made Home page professional by adding cellpaddings (Home Page Makeover)

  • Afternoon 5th Jul. 2012 - Huge MyCool64 Testing Wiki's Home Page makeover (Home Page Makeover)

  • Afternoon 19th Jun. 2012 - Blocked MyCool64 for 1 min, the reason is what to do. (Test)

  • Night 18th June 2012 - Created Wiki (Creation)

Dismissed Goals~

Yay, no goals dismiss within time period!

Upcoming Stuff~

  • A Music Week to enjoy! The time for that activity is unknown.