Hello, I am, again, MyCool64 by my username, MyCool in nickname and Michael in real life. I am living in the rock you are currently living. This is my logos.

Thanks for checking out, see you next time, lol.

My Logo for 2013


This is my Logo for 2012

Lol people.

Oh don't forget that I am pretty awesome....

Oh never mind.

But lol, and rock on people.

Also, remember to stay awesome, go wild about stuff that is frenzied or hot!

Also, I'm putting random stuff cause I bought a new keyborard and I am testing out how comfortable it is, lol.

Life of MyCool

My life? Very exiciting, definitely. Treu Bluesie (Or true blue)

Ok, anyway, back to the fun stuff, I well, basically had a SO good life that I can't even explain. Disneyland, SeaWorld, Goldcoast, Video game maniac, what what? Video game maniac? Um...ok.

But I am going to end it off here! See ya later!


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